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Safety on Smolpxl

Designed for kids

Smolpxl is intended to be safe for children and vulnerable people. It includes many games that are good fun for young children. It does not include any games that we consider 12-rated or above.

Supervision recommended

We recommend that all computer usage by children, especially when connected to the Internet, should be supervised by an adult.

We do our best to make Smolpxl a safe place, and we intend to make it fun and educational. We don't engage in tricks to make our games more addictive.

Nevertheless, games can be addictive, and we recommend limiting the time children spend using screens.

Whenever possible, we suggest spending time playing with children. With help from the tutorials on Smolpxl, maybe you can work together to learn how to make games, as well as play them!


Smolpxl has a community area where people can discuss the games they are playing and creating. We don't recommend that young children use the community, because we are not able to guarantee that all messages will be suitable.

We do monitor the comments and we will delete messages that are not suitable for children. We will also warn and block users who persistently violate our code of conduct or Lemmy's code of conduct, but we don't monitor it 24/7 and unsuitable messages may be visible for significant amounts of time before we can remove them.

If this is a concern in any way, please don't use the community.

We are volunteers

We do our best to make Smolpxl a safe place, but we can't make guarantees, and we can't make good judgements about children and vulnerable people under your care: only you can do that. Please do contact us if you have suggestions about how to improve safety on this site.